This New Pop Rock Album Inspires Kids to Get in Touch with Their Emotions

Different tracks on the album include “Rhythm” which sounds like being at a carnival, “Find My Way” a country twist on a Disney-style song, and the Van Morrison-influenced “Stay Wild Moon Child!” 

For young ones, learning to get in touch with your emotions can be a difficult process. Now, it’s more musical than ever.

Calming a Panic will be available starting Sept. 15 on all music streaming platforms. Music is a great way for kids to get in touch with their emotions — try it out for yourselves!


You and Us’ goal is to raise mental health awareness and advocate for kids’ mental health. Different themes on Calming a Panic tackle mental health in a kid-friendly way, including overcoming small moments that can seem big and scary. As kids and the adults in their lives listen to Calming a Panic, they can share conversations about social-emotional learning, how kids can accept and express their feelings in healthy, age-appropriate ways. 

Nicole Porter is a clinical therapist, musician, and the president of the New York Art Therapy Association. Her latest album with her band — You and Us — comes out on Sept. 15. Calming a Panic combines art therapy with a pop rock sound to make taking care of yourself sound fun. 

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