Super-DuperToyBox: Marvel Legends X-Men Dump

Marvel Legends seem to be coming out with increasing frequency as the last few years have progressed. Though I can’t buy them all, I hardly have time to review what I do buy. Due to this ever-growing pile of unopened figures, I’ve opted to dump several figures into one post- more of an overview of all the figures than an in-depth look into each figure individually. They are also less trouble to ship if I want to sell any. While the new X-Men Retro Card Apocalypse was a recent acquisition, the other X-Men Retro Card figures are over two years old now, and some of the others were purchased around 2017-18. Bishop and Forge have certainly been around that long…

Shatterstar is a fantastic figure with some nice detail- the leather texture/coloring on his shoulder pauldron and head gear is fantastic! He looks great next to his X-Force teammate Cable

Dani Moonstar is actually one of the New Mutants- she came with hand and head accessories for Karma and Wolfsbane, two of her New Mutants teammates. There are a handful of other New Mutants in my Marvel Legends collection, but I teamed her up with Warpath below, as they are both Native American …

Sunfire is a figure I’ve had for several years now- one of several I bought on sale at Walgreens. The buck this is on has some fantastic articulation, including butterfly joints at the shoulders. The head sculpt is fantastic! He is pictured below with fellow flamester Human Torch

When they started dropping these X-Men Retro Card Series figures, I was thrilled- particularly by the inclusion of Gambit and Rogue- the latter of which I had missed out on during her first release…

The Walgreens Exclusive Mystique included the head from that first Rogue figure, half transformed in blue skin. …it seems a little big on this Rogue, but I sure love the inclusion of the glove holding hand on the new version.
Hasbro also released a black version of this Retro Card Storm with the soft goods cape. The Giant-Sized X-Men Storm that came with the Thunderbird 2-pack may be the best of these, but I love the punker mohawk Storm …!

I already had the first release of Gambit before Hasbro dropped the superior X-Men Retro Card Gambit … the painted playing cards, brighter colors, and better hair sculpt were an improvement.

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Aside from the unfortunate aura effect on his Cerebro helmet, Professor X may be the best deluxe Marvel Legends figure ever- my favorite part about it are the sliding arm rests that reveal hidden control panels!

My Marvel Legends Professor X can finally meet the Moira MacTaggert I got a couple years ago!

Moira is the longtime human love interest with Charles Xavier, recently retconned in the 2019 House of X storyline to have been a mutant that can redo her life every time she died. 

This X-Men Retro Card Apocalypse is exactly what the fans ordered, and I couldn’t be happier with it- he looks like he stepped out of the ’90s Animated X-Men show! I missed out on the BAF figure several years ago, and I’m glad ’cause I like this one way better.

It’s somewhat odd how the vivid colors of this Apocalypse really looks like the animated X-Men version but doesn’t share the same “cel-shading” deco as Jean and Scott, in spite of also having retro packaging. Regardless, they look great together…

Not an exhaustive look at each figure, but it was time to get some of the Marvel Legends I’ve had open- both to save space and make way for some new Marvel Legends X-Men on the way. There are some other figure “dumps” I need to do of boxed figures that I’ve had for awhile, as well as some newer aquisitions, including an entire wave or two of Marvel Legends. Stay Tuned!