Monster Force My Hero Academia G.I.Joe Marvel Star Wars Dungeons & Dragons more!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Gold Label Batman by Todd McFarlane Sketch Edition

Hasbro Marvel Legends Detroit Steel

Hasbro G.I.Joe Classified Series Crimson Strike Team and Target Exclusive Python Patrol

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series The Force Unleashed Starkiller and Troopers

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Fresh Monkey Fiction BigBadWorkshop Operation Monster Force Apophis Legion Undead Counter Terrorism Unit Trooper


Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Marvel Agent Venom and My Hero Academia Shota Aizawa

HIYA Exquisite Super Series 6 Inch Rambo III John Rambo

It’s the calm before the storm of PulseCon and Toy Fair, but we’ll always find toys to talk about! Let’s chat about more Monster Force offerings, Amazing Yamaguchi Venom and My Hero Academia, Deadpool in Fighting Armor, a little DC Multiverse BAtman, some Hasbro G.I.Joe and Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series updates, NECA Dungeons & Dragons, Rambo, and the upcoming Boss Fight Blanks!

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NECA Dungeons and Dragons Ultimate Elkhorn the Good Dwarf Fighter

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