Marvel Legends Disney+ Hydra Stomper Series Up for Order! Kingpin! Agatha!

Hawkeye Marvel Legends Yelena Belova Figure Box

What If Marvel Legends 2023 Gamora Action Figure Box

Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper Build-A-Figure

Talos Skrull Marvel Legends Secret Invasion Figure and Accessories

Secret Invasion Marvel Legends Nick Fury Figure and Accessories

Marvel Legends Agatha Harkness Figure and Accessories

Disney+ Marvel Legends WandaVision Agatha Harkness 6 Inch Figure Box

Kingpin Marvel Legends 2023 Action Figure and Accessories

Marvel Legends Disney+ Yelena Belova Figure and Accessories

Marvel Legends Disney+ Hydra Stomper Series Figures

We’ve had some rather eclectic Marvel Legends Disney+ series of action figures in the last few years, but this definitely has to be in the running for one of the most mixed bags that we’ve seen, containing characters from Secret Invasion, WandaVision, Hawkeye and even a season of What If…? that hasn’t aired yet.

The case assortment is as follows:
(2) Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio)
(1) Nick Fury
(1) Yelena Belova
(1) What If…? Goliath
(1) What If…? Gamora
(1) Agatha Harkness
(1) Talos
Build-A-Figure: Hydra Stomper II

I really appreciate it when we get guns with smoke and blast effects with basic retail ML figures, and I don’t mind the cozy hat on the head sculpt. I think this is a pass for me, though—I just don’t like this outfit and the double-pinned elbows look quite ugly to me.

Joining Nick Fury, we’ve got Talos the Skrull (an unlikely character to have multiple Marvel Legends versions, but here we are).

What are your feelings about this Marvel Legends 6” Disney+ wave, Marvel collectors? Does this wave include anything that’s a must have for you?


I’m glad he has both human and Skrull heads and hands, but if ever there was a figure doomed to hit clearance, it’s this one.

In a bit of a surprising move, it’s the Netflix/MCU Kingpin who’s the double-packed headliner figure in this wave and not Nick Fury. Fans have been asking for a Vincent D’Onofrio Kingpin Legends figure for years, so I guess it’s reasonable to make him two-per-case, but it still seems a little awkward to me to ever shortpack Samuel Jackson (particularly when he was the central character of Secret Invasion, the most recent Disney+ show).

  کره شمالی به زودی ماهواره جاسوسی پرتاب می کند

The second Hawkeye series figure in the wave is Yelena Belova, Black Widow’s poor blonde sister, who hasn’t really caught on with fans much at all yet.

Marvel Legends 2023 Nick Fury Secret Invasion Figure Box

Nick Fury
Yelena Belova
What If…? Gamora
What If…? Goliath

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Unfortunately, this is another figure I just don’t love. The concept of Gamora in Thanos’ armor is great, but I hate the portrait here and the neutral expression is as “blah” as can be. I also loathe that we’re getting this iteration of Gamora, but not one to complete the GOTG Vol. 3 lineup.

The Kingpin figure itself isn’t going to set the world on fire, but the likeness is passable, the cane accessory will add some spice to poses and I appreciate the modern pin-less knees (but pinned elbows).

This ML Yelena Disney+ figure looks quite plain, almost like a generic GI Joe figure. Given the disastrous sales of the comic Yelena Belova in the Puff Adder series earlier this year, this is another figure I think might be fated for the discount racks.

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…And also this one. I was a bit stupefied when I first saw this new Marvel Legends Goliath figure, as I don’t believe we’ve ever seen the MCU Lawrence Fishburne in costume at all yet.

Also from What If…?, we’ve got Gamora. Though the Sakaar episode originally planned for season 1 still hasn’t aired, Gamora was a crucial character at the end of season 1 and a necessary member of the Guardians of the Multiverse.

  پوتین و شی جین پینگ ساخت خط لوله دوم انتقال گاز روسیه به چین را بررسی کردند

Marvel Legends Kingpin Hakweye Figure Box

Goliath Marvel Legends What If Figure Box

Marvel Legends 2023 Goliath What If Figure and Accessories

The second version of the Hydra Stomper, seen very briefly at the end of What If…? Season 1, is the unlikely BAF of this wave. In theory, a Hydra Stomper Build-A-Figure would be a good “carrot” to sell this wave—but we already got the army green WWII looking Hydra Stomper as a deluxe release two years ago, and I’m not at all convinced that many fans will want this iteration over or in addition to that one. Maybe when we see more of this armor in What If…? season 2, though, I’ll change my mind! Let’s hope so!

It turns out this Goliath (who is also somehow in the impending set of LEGO Marvel blind boxes) will be featured in the upcoming What If…? Season 2, but at the moment it’s exceedingly difficult to see this 6” figure succeeding at retail.

The Nick Fury figure may be a bit divisive among collectors, as this isn’t the most iconic look for MCU Samuel Jackson and an Avengers movie Nick Fury is heavily rumored to be revealed later this year.

The flowing robes on Agatha’s figure will obviously restrict her movement to a tremendous degree, but I think they’re very nicely sculpted and painted nonetheless and were obviously critical to her design. I’ve seen some gate for her smiling facial expression, but I think it’s workable given her comical/sinister personality type. This is a buy for me and perhaps the only figure in the wave I’m close to enthusiastic about.

Nick Fury
Yelena Belova
What If…? Gamora
What If…? Goliath

  چین قرنطینه کرونایی مسافران خارجی را لغو می‌کند

Marvel Legends What If Gamora Figure and Accessories

Sometimes the stars align and Hasbro can keep a whole wave of Marvel Legends secret until the last moment, and sometimes the stars don’t and the wave is actually in stores internationally before it’s even finished being revealed officially. This latest Disney+ Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper series is the latter occurrence, and seems to be receiving little fanfare even now that it has been announced and put up for order. But with long-awaited characters like live-action Nick Fury, Kingpin and Agatha, does this set deserve to make a bigger splash?

Closing out the wave we’ve got a nearly-unprecedented 3rd female in an assortment, Agatha Harkness from WandaVision. I understand Disney likely wanted to hold off merch of this character until her solo show, but I think they may have missed the boat with her popularity a bit instead.

Marvel Legends Talos Secret Invasion Hydra Stomper Series Figure Box

Hydra Stomper BAF Marvel Legends 2023 Steve Rogers Head

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