Kids Can Soon Bring Babadoo and Friends Home with Plush Toys

Wilma | Source: Babadoo and friends

Pippa | Source: Babadoo and friends

Yuki | Source: Babadoo and friends

Babadoo is all about exploring the world with his friends. He might get a bit scared at times, but luckily he has his pals to support and encourage him. Yuki is known for being energetic and loves to climb trees, while Pippa enjoys working on her magic skills. Wilma has a disability that prevents her from swimming, but her friends bring her along on a wooden wagon to join their adventures, while Lolo enjoys baking yummy cakes.

The plush toys were developed using soft materials with many textures for a fun tactile experience. Plus, each character carries an activity picture book made of fabric so kids can role play and read aloud fun adventures to Babadoo and his friends.

The Babadoo and friends plush line will launch in the fall for kids of all ages at a price of $27.99 each.


The new “Best Friends” plush line will feature Babadoo (a lion) and his fun-loving character friends, Yuki (a monkey), Pippa (a bunny), Wilma (a whale), and Lolo (an elephant). These fully developed characters feature relatable personalities and backstories that radiate positivity, inclusion, and age-appropriate lessons such as friendship, courage, and tolerance. 

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