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By: Alexis Askew

Getting to explore the castle in Hogwarts Legacy is every fan’s dream come true, but you will find some locked doors along the way that require the use of the unlocking charm, Alohomora. In this game, there are different levels of Alohomora that can only be unlocked with The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest. Players must find demiguise statues in order to get the next Alohomora upgrade, but the statues are scattered everywhere, some behind locked doors and even more outside of the castle.

Coming across a Level 2 locked door that you know has a demiguise statue behind it, but you can’t get to it, can be frustrating, especially if you’re wanting to Alohomora III as fast as possible. So today, we’ll be covering the easiest statues to find, starting from the demiguises hidden inside Hogwarts with no locked doors standing in your way to those hidden across the Highlands.

Hogwarts: Professor Fig’s Classroom

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Fig's Classroom

This statue is, by far, one of the easiest to find since you find yourself inside Professor Fig’s Classroom long before the caretaker gives you the quest. You might have even noticed the demiguise statue beforehand. For this one, simply fast travel to Professor Fig’s Classroom in the Astronomy Wing. When you enter his class, you will see a set of stairs in the back of the room leading up to his personal office. Take those stairs and you can find the statue chilling next to the fireplace.

Hogwarts: Divination Classroom

Hogwarts Legacy Divination Classroom

This one is pretty easy to find too. Fast travel to the Divination Classroom in the Library Annex. At the very top of the stairs, a ladder will magically fall for you, which you can then climb. Inside the Divination Classroom, head to the very back of the class to a small lounge area. On the table you will see a statue waiting to be collected.

Hogwarts: Restricted Section

Hogwarts Legacy Restricted Section

To get to the library, go to the Library Annex section of the map and fast travel to the Library Floo Flame. At this point in the game, you’ve already unlocked and explored the Restricted Section, so head on over the gate closing it off and go downstairs. Take the first set of stairs, then cross through the section with the railings. You will come to another set of stairs and at the bottom of those will be a statue sitting on a table next to a lamp.

Hogwarts: Professor Howin’s Office

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Howins Office

Professor Howin’s office is outside, where you have your lessons about magical beasts. Fast Travel to the Beasts Classroom in the Bell Tower Wing. Howin’s office is directly in front of the flame. It is the very first door you see on the be hut-like building before you. On the other side is an office/bedroom. The demiguise will be sitting on a round table.

Hogsmeade: Tomes and Scrolls

Hogwarts Legacy Tomes and Scrolls

Tomes and Scrolls is a shop you get to visit early on in the game in Hogsmeade. It is located near the entrance of the cozy little town to the left. While there is a secret staircase in the shop, you are looking for the backroom behind the counter. The demiguise statue will be sitting on a dresser by a window.

Hogsmeade: Hog’s Head

Hogwarts Legacy Hog's Head

Hog’s Head, a landmark most recognized from the fifth Harry Potter movie, houses another demiguise statue that isn’t behind a locked door. Hog’s Head is located on the southwest side of Hogsmeade, near the river, and luckily there is a marker for it on the map. Once you’ve arrived, go straight behind the counter inside the pub to the storage room behind it. The statue will be in there on a stack of crates.

Hogsmeade: Dervish and Banges

Hogwarts Legacy Dervish and Banges

Dervish and Banges sits directly next to Gladrags Wizardwear. You can enter the building from the outside, where you can see the sign with the name posted, or you can enter it through Gladrags Wizardwear, since the two stores are conjoined.

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On the counter, with the magical hammer, there is a demiguise waiting to be collected before or after you browse for some new attire.

Highlands: Pitt-Upon-Ford

Hogwarts Legacy Pitt Upon Ford

The Pitt-Upon-Ford is a little settlement in the north most region of the map, above the Forbidden Forest. If you’ve already discovered the Floo Flame, then you have your work cut out for you. If not, then you’re going to have to fly all the way there.

But, if you still want to find more statues in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade before venturing too far out of the way, there are still plenty hiding behind Level 1 locks that you can access, and they are listed later in the article.

South of the Pitt-Upon-Ford Floo Flame is a large house on the right, that stands tall and looks elongated. There is no level lock on the house, so you can head right on in. The demiguise will be on the floor at the top of the stairs.

Highlands: Feldcroft

Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft

Feldcroft is a name you’ll recognize if you do any of Sebastian Sallow’s side quests. It is southwest of Hogwarts, on the other side of the mountain in the middle of the map that you can’t fly over or explore. After fast traveling or flying there, you’ll find a house east of the Floo Flame with a rounded front. The statue will be sitting inside by a window.

Highlands: Irondale

Hogwarts Legacy Irondale

Irondale is located south of the mountain in the middle of the map, which is pretty easy to spot since it’s a giant gray blob in the middle of all the greenery. From the Floo Flame, you can see a house with a triangular roof. It stands out among the rest of the houses a lot. A lady named Althea Twiddle will be sitting outside of the house.

Inside, the demiguise statue will be hiding behind the counter.

Highlands: Marunweeen

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem

Marunween is pretty far south on the map, past the mountain that you can’t go over. If you haven’t explored that area yet then you’ll have no choice but to go through the cavern filled with goblins and guarded by trolls. Luckily, you can just run through it really fast and avoid all the enemies.

Maruenween sits below a lake and next to a mountain on the map. You can see the house in the distance from the Floo Flame. It sits in the middle of town and if you pass the boat next to the Floo Flame, the pointed tip of the boat pretty much points you directly to the house. The demiguise statue will be inside behind a counter.

Highlands: Bainburgh

Hogwarts Legacy Bainburgh

Bainburgh is just south of Marunween, at the foot of a large mountain. Whether or not you fast travel there, the best way to find the house is to start from the Floo Flame near the entrance. Following the path, it’ll be one of the first houses on your left with a lot of cages next to it. The statue is inside on a table next to a chair.

Highlands: Cragcroft

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroft

Cragcroft is the southernmost settlement on the map. The house is in the center of town, next to a little stand and shopkeeper. The demiguise statue is sitting on a table next to a bed upstairs.

Hogwarts: The Great Hall

Hogwarts Legacy The Great Hall

The Great Hall Floo Flame can be found in the (you guessed it) Great Hall section on the map. There are two doors on the right hand side of the Great Hall, a larger one closer to the floo flame and a smaller one. Go to the smaller door, which will have a Level 1 lock on it. Once opened, there is a cozy room on the other side where the statue will be.

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Hogwarts: Muggle Studies Classroom

Hogwarts Legacy Muggle Studies Classroom

Go to the Astronomy Wing section of the map and fast travel to the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame. If you turn around, you will see a large door on your left. Through that door is a set of stairs on your right that you will take to the very bottom, where you’ll come across a small door.

On the other side of that door is another set of stairs that you will take to the bottom, where you’ll be greeted by a large statue of a dragon. Turn right and go down a hallway. One of the first doors on the left in that hallway, with a Level 1 lock, will be the Muggle Studies Classroom. The statue is inside to the right.

Hogwarts: Hogwarts North Exit

Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts North Exit

The little dingy storage room can be found in the Bell Tower Wing of the map. Fast travel to the Hogwarts North Exit. Turn around and face the castle. To the left, along the castle wall, is a small tower with a set of stairs leading up. Beneath those stairs is a door with a Level 1 lock on it. Unlock the door and you’ll find a demiguise on the other side.

Hogwarts: South Wing Bathroom

Hogwarts Legacy South Wing Bathroom

To find the South Wing Bathroom, fast travel to the Faculty Tower in the South Wing. Continue straight down a corridor until you come across a set of spiraling staircases, where you have the choice to go up or down. Go down the stairs and at the very bottom will be another corridor lined with portraits playing musical instruments. At the end of the corridor, turn right, then left.

You’ll find two bathroom doors, one for witches and one for wizards. The bathroom with wizards has two poles on either side and it’ll have a Level 1 Lock. Inside, there are multiple bathroom stalls, but head for the middle one with the “Out of Order” sign for a surprise.

Hogsmeade: The Three Broomsticks

Hogwarts Legacy Three Broomsticks

The Three Broomsticks is another familiar name from the Harry Potter franchise. Inside, there is a demiguise statue hidden behind a Level 1 locked door. There is a marker for the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, so it isn’t that hard to find. Once you’ve reached it, head inside and up the stairs.

Keep going until you come to the very top of the stairs, where there is a single door. Using Alohomora, unlock the door and you will find the demiguise on the other side on the center table.

Hogsmeade: The Three Broomsticks House

Hogwarts Legacy Three Broomsticks House

The Three Broomsticks House is a house next to the Three Broomsticks, on the left hand side. On the map, it is the building slightly northeast of the Three Broomsticks’ entrance. It has a Level 1 lock on it, so casting Revelio in the area should also help you spot it.

Inside the building, head upstairs and you will find the demiguise.

Hogsmeade: House Across from Brood and Peck

Hogwarts Legacy House Across From Brood and Peck

Brood and Peck is marked on the map as a shop in the northernmost part of Hogsmeade. The house directly across from it has a Level 1 lock. Inside, the demiguise statue will be sitting on the fireplace mantel.

Hogsmeade: House Behind Honeydukes

Hogwarts Legacy House Behind Honeydukes

There is a house directly behind Honeydukes Sweet Shop that houses a demiguise. The best fast travel point to use is the one in Hogsmeade’s town square. Honeydukes is marked on the map, so it’s easy to find. You’ll head behind the sweet shop, where you’ll see two houses. The one on the right, and directly behind the shop, is the one you want. It has a Level 1 lock and inside you’ll find a statue on a table.

Highlands: Upper Hogsfield

Hogwarts Legacy Upper Hogsfield

Upper Hogsfield is north of Hogsmeade. If you’ve already discovered it, you can fast travel there, but if not then you’re going to have to fly or walk. North of the Floo Flame is a house with a wheel by the front door. It has a Level 1 lock, but the demiguise is just on the other side.

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Highlands: Aranshire

Hogwarts Legacy Aranshire

Aranshire is a little settlement east of Hogwarts. The little house is really easy to find, since it is directly next to the Floo Flame. After bypassing the Level 1 lock, head upstairs where you’ll find the demiguise statue on the floor.

Highlands: Lower Hogsfield

Hogwarts Legacy Lower Hogsfield

Lower Hogsfield is a little settlement just south of Hogwarts, so you probably already discovered the Floo Flame and can fast travel there. The first house on the right, past the Floo Flame, is the one you’re looking for. After using Alohomora, you can find the statue on the floor next to the door.

Highlands: Brocburrow

Hogwarts Legacy Brocburrow

Brocburrow is a town southeast of Hogwarts, in a little pocket on the map that extends pretty much as far east as you can go in Hogwarts Valley. There is a small house with an enchanted scarecrow nearby. It will have a Level 1 lock on it. Inside, the demiguise statue will be to your left. If you go during the day, it blends in really well with the scenery, but it’ll glow and stand out at night.

Highlands: Keenbridge

Hogwarts Legacy Keenbridge

Keenbridge is a small settlement in Hogwarts Valley that sits along the river. From the Floo Flame, head west and you’ll soon spot a very triangular house with pumpkins in the yard. It will have another Level 1 lock on it. Although there are two levels to the house, the demiguise statue will be on the bottom floor for once.

Hogwarts: Gargoyle Room

Hogwarts Legacy Gargoyle Room

There are few demiguises guarded by Level 2 locks, but the room with the talking gargoyles is one of them. You may have passed it a few times, heard their absurd comments, and wondered what is on the other side. Well, you can probably guess the answer to that question, considering what this article is about.

Fast travel to the Transfiguration Courtyard in the Astronomy Wing section of the map. Turn 180 degrees, and you’ll see the large doors that lead to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. Right on the other side is a foyer, and the gargoyle room is on the right. The statue is on the other side on a desk.

Hogwarts: Storage Room

Hogwarts Legacy Storage Room

The Storage Room is the second Level 2 lock room in the castle that has a demiguise statue on the other side. To get to it, fast travel to the Potions Classroom in the Library Annex. There is a set of double doors directly in front of you that you’re going to want to head through. You will take the spiral staircase on your left down to the bottom. At the end of that corridor is a door with a Level 1 lock.

After you open it, proceed down another corridor until you come across the Level 2 locked door on your left. That is the Storage Room, and the demiguise will be straight ahead.

Hogsmeade: Alley House

Hogwarts Legacy Alley House

The Alley House sits near Tomes and Scrolls with a Level 2 lock. If you’re leaving Tomes and Scrolls, make a left out of the shop. You’ll follow the walkway and make the very next left, where you’ll find a narrow path lined with buildings. The Alley House is on the left and will be discernible by the Level 2 lock on the door. The statue will be in the bedroom at the top of the stairs.

Hogsmeade: House Next to J. Pippin’s

Hogwarts Legacy House Next to J Pippins

Right next to J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade is a house with a Level 2 lock. It is to the right of the shop. You can get to this one pretty quickly since there is a floo flame really close to J. Pippin’s. When inside the house, head up the set of stairs and at the top will be another statue.

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