Compete to Catch a ‘Reel’ Big Fish in This Educational Game

See how your fishing skills measure up with the Reel Big Catch Game from Educational Insights.


The fish come in different sizes from 3-9 inches, and fisherman-in-training can either use the measuring tape to see who caught the biggest fish after each round, or take turns catching them all and then measure them at the end of the game. The game is designed for 2-3 players and allows for continuous play. While there aren’t any 40-inch fish in this pond, the measuring tape is long enough for both players to use — and adds an additional little math exercise to the game!

The Reel Big Catch Game from Educational Insights is a fast-paced, indoor fishing game with tons of learning opportunities!

Players take turns catching a fish but surprise — each telescoping fish expands to reveal its true size. During the game, these little guppies may reveal themselves as big whoppers and whoever catches the biggest fish is the winner.

This simple concept allows for hours of fun and entertainment, while kids are simultaneously practicing STEM-based skills such as math, measuring, sizing, comparison (big, bigger, biggest), and more. Little anglers can also work on developing their fine motor skills with the fishing rod.

The game comes with nine brightly colored fish, a fishing rod, and a 40-inch flexible measuring tape. Setup is super simple — just place all of the fish on the ground or on a table (any flat surface will suffice) and you’re ready to go fishin’!

Source: Educational Insights

Have fun with multi-generational play with this fast-playing whopper of a fishing game. Players use a fishing pole to “catch” telescoping fish and measure them with the measuring tape. Biggest catch wins! Introduces the idea of small, medium, and large, and helps kids understand the correlation between size and measurement. Includes fishing pole, nine fish,…


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