10 Best STEM Toys for 11-Year-Olds in 2023

1. Best STEM Automation Toy for 11-Year-Olds

Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

best stem toys for 11-year-olds

  • The arm gripper has a strong build and is made with quality material
  • It teaches your kid the basics of programming and robotics
  • The arm is operated by water. There is no need for batteries.
  • The remote control buttons can get a bit difficult to push for small kids

STEM relatedness – With this product, your 11-year-old can enjoy six-axes commands of diverse movements. There is a 1.89-inches gripper to open and close the robot hand. Additionally, it features 180-degree wrist rotation, 44-degree elbow range, 270-degree base rotation, and 45-degree shoulder motion. With them, your child can lift a wide range of objects. While learning the basics of electrical engineering and automation, your child also gets to reinforce his understanding of mechanical engineering. What is also cool is that this toy teaches your child the basics about the hydraulic systems because it is powered by water.

Entertaining – Your 11-year-old will have complete control of the hydraulic system and its related applications. The instructions are straight forward and filled with illustrations. With 229 assembling parts, your little engineer will enjoy the challenge while gaining a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Overall – Overall, the OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit is a fancy and unique STEM toy for 11-year-olds, especially those with an interest in robotics. It can get them started with the basics of electronics, robotics, and mechanics in one unified toy.

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